I remember our first argument like it was yesterday. It was centered around this same sentiment ‘Respect ‘. On many occasions I felt disrespected and granted as a new submissive I was unsure of many things and I had no idea why Master felt the need to always put me in my place.

My favorite phase was ” you don’t respect me” and he would always reply you haven’t earned my respecto pet… inserts tears here

I had this notion that by me agreeing to our arrangement automatically meant that he would respect me and my wants and desires.

Boy did I learn quickly…

Via{l}, Aya{R}

Aya I’m going to miss us.. many people get to experience best friends as children I so happen to gain mine when I became his. We’ve done quite a few scenes together, I’ve watched Master train you at the request of your now Dom.

That week we all spent in your house was an amazing week of not only first but a true bond.

If allowed please visit me in San Francisco in my new life..😢😢😢


After a torrid affair with spanking, I’m laying low today. {well until Master says otherwise} Sadistic beast that he his. 😊

He meant to leave his mark on my body for a few days…

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